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Community Employment Opportunities

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Below is a listing of employment opportunities.  All employment inquiries should be directed to the organization that authored the job description.
If you would like to post a job description for an open position at your organization send a PDF copy of the job description to

Job Fairs

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Current Openings: MAY 2015

Building healthy communities by helping families and individuals achieve self - sufficiency  
Chaosarn S. Chao President / C.E.O.  
Kathy C. Rothberg Executive Director 
Oakland Main Office 2325 East 12th Street Oakland, CA  94601 Tel:  (510) 533-8850 Fax: (510) 533-1516  
San Pablo Office 1865 Rumrill Blvd.  Suite B San Pablo, CA  94806 Tel:  (510) 215-1220 Fax: (510) 215-1216  
Sacramento Office 6901 Stockton Blvd.  Suite 340 Sacramento, CA  95823 Tel:  (916) 393-7501 Fax: (916) 393-7574   

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT     May 12, 2015  
Job Title:   Job Developer/Workforce Development Specialist Employment Status:  
Full-time (100% FTE)
Location:   1 positions at Oakland Main office     3 position at San Pablo office

Job Summary:  LFCD is seeking a qualified candidate to serve low-income, Refugee, GA, and CalWORKs participants to gain subsidized and unsubsidized job placements.  This position is responsible for interfacing with local employers and businesses, external organizations, and internal LFCD departments.  Specially, the staff of the Social Services Agency, CBOs serving CalWORKs, all One-Stop Career and Business Centers.

This position duties including: outreach recruitment, intake assessment, worksite orientation, job counseling, job search, pre-employment workshops, job development, job placement, job retention.  Program activities and strategies including long-term career advancement for each participants; understanding hiring and business development needs of each employer; the compliance requirements of funders; and the many subtle factors that can influence each individuals’ ability to thrive and advance in the workplace.  Knowledge of human services needs of the local job market.

Report to Program Coordinator and Employment Director.    

Roles and Responsibilities:  
Employers and Business Relationships:  Target prospective employers with job openings at reasonable starting wages with fringe benefit   Provide employer orientations on the project value, goals with target population profile, written agreements, and other technical supports  Outreach into community to provide information, develop employers’ contact including private and public sectors to ascertain employers’ need  Maintain existing employer contracts and continue to develop new businesses in the local area to expand employer’s directory  Conduct survey with employers and participants following placement to ensure job stability  Build trust, maintain good relationship, and network with new businesses  Networks and teamwork with employment unit team, other components, and other services providers Job Placement – Pre and Post-Employment Services:  Lead job search, workshops, orientation session, interview, one-on-one and small group counseling  Develop resume, cover letter, and individual employment plans, identifies participant needs to determine appropriate job interest and job match to secure job placement  Provide labor market information, job fairs, job clubs, and job referrals  Job coaching, job counseling, coordinate with the preceding activities with client referral sources to facilitate employment strategy  Coordinate with employment team to recommend candidates for job openings 
Services Provided:  
Employment: EASTBAY Works Affiliate One-Stop Business & Career Center  On the Job Training  CalWORKs Employment  Refugee Employment  Housing and Financial Education: Multilingual Homeownership & Foreclosure Intervention Center  Rental Housing Assistance  Financial Education & Counseling  Economic and Asset Development:  Individual Development Savings Account (IDA)  Small Business Assistance  Community Center and Commercial Revitalization Development  Affordable Housing Development  VITA Tax/EITC Service  Family Support Services and Social Adjustment:  CCC Hand to Hand Collaborative  Lead Paint Awareness Education  Refugee Healthy Marriage Program  Adult ESL/Vocational ESL  Asian American Special Crime Victim Assistance  Citizenship Support Services  Information and Referral  Youth:  WIA Youth Summer and Year-Round Services   Seniors:  Elder Support Services
 Counsel clients individually and in groups for job search strategies, interviewing skills, and other topics to assist program participants to enter the job market, retain employment and/or advance in their job or career  Recommend and develops training plan for participants, refers participants to appropriate training resources, and negotiates and monitors all contracts  Collect timesheets, employment verification letters, and pay stubs as proof of client job placement.  Perform necessary post-placement and post-exit to ensure participant job retention longevity  Perform tracking of participants, input data, daily log, case notes, and job activities into internal data base system for record keeping  Prepares program monthly activity reports to Program Coordinator and Employment Director  

1. Required: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a related field.   Sales strategies experiences, job placement and business development expertise.  
2. Work effectively under pressure; experience with special needs populations, e.g. adults with limited work experience, dislocated workers, English-as-secondlanguage, and able to work with multicultural and diverse ethnic community;
3. Experience with web-based computer application programs; knowledge of job search techniques, interviewing skills, and other topics to assist clients in the current labor job market.
4. Ability to communicate effectively to groups, including making group presentations and facilitating workshops  
5. Understand, explain, and apply complex local, state, and federal regulations, policies, and procedures of WIA, Refugee, GA, and CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work programs.
6. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team work.
7. Must have a flexible schedule on some evenings and week-ends.
8. Work Proficient in Computer skills: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, database management and internet explorer.
9. Must have a valid California Driver License, clean DMV record and proof of current auto insurance.  Travel is required for this position.
10. Must pass drug test and background check.
 11. Bilingual is preferred                                                                            

Compensation: Salary based on experience along with comprehensive benefits package including health plan, vision, dental, paid vacations, holidays, sick leave, and employer contributed pension/group life insurance.  

To Apply: Please email cover letter and resume to  This position is open until filled and may be closed at any time  

Lao Family Community Development, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity. 

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT        Oakland Office           May 11, 2015

Job Title:   Youth Employment Counselor (In-School & Out-of- School Youth) Employment Status: 100% FTE – Bilingual is preferred  

Job Description:
Under the supervision of the WIA Youth Program Manager, the WIA Youth Counselor will provide orientation,  intake-assessment, Individual Service Strategy (ISS) plan, case management, unsubsidized and subsidized job development, identification and security of work-based learning sites, educational workshops, counseling, outreach-recruitment for participants & employers, provide ongoing support  to these individuals, perform leadership development activities, follow up and retention services.    

Major Duties:  
Outreach:  Plan and conduct major community outreach to low-income Oakland residents in-school youth from16-18 of age, who is in high school juniors and seniors to help them graduate from high school, pursue college and university education and develop career goals.    Plan and conduct major community outreach to low-income Oakland residents out-of-school youth from 18-21 of age, who are not working and not in school.  Link to community service providers and education providers.  Target prospective employers with job openings at reasonable starting wages with fringe benefit for youth participants.  Cultivate, build trust, and maintain business relationship with employers and other community service providers.   Recruit volunteer mentors and tutors identified with experience in targeted sectors. Case Management:  Provide intensive direct services to youth including: intake assessment, certify and obtain supportive documents for enrollments into the program, orientation for youth and family members, and information referrals.  Develop Individual Service Strategy (ISS) Plan and Objective Assessment.  Perform tracking of participants, input data, daily log, case notes, and all other activities in internal data base.   Conduct site visit, follow-up subsidized/unsubsidized job placements, job retention and supportive services.  Provide 12 months of follow up service after completing the program. Counseling/Career Development:  Conduct workshops on soft/hard skills; resume preparation, dress attire, orientation session, interview technique, job readiness workshops, occupational skills, safety and invite guest speakers of employment law, financial education and budgeting, leadership skills, alumni engagement, leadership conference, etc… for older youth in a small group setting. 

 Develop Individual Service Strategy (ISS), identify career goal, prepare assessment, and make appropriate referrals.  Identify career goal, assist in test preparation, post-secondary education option, and college and FAFSA application.  Provide training information to enhance participants' employability.  Assist in development of curriculum for new modules that integrate best practices in the employment and youth development fields.   Work together as a team to organize annual youth leadership empowering conference.  Identify career exploration, labor market information, career panels with guest speakers, field trip, referral career fair, job referrals and respond to workforce need.    Recommend and develop training plans, refers to appropriate training resources, and educational services  Represent LFCD at local collaborative community meetings, attend all the required trainings, employment related meeting  or conferences as assigned   Other duties assigned by Program Manager.

 Minimum B.A. degree in related field preferred   Minimum two years relevant experience in youth direct services, teaching and/or counseling.             Creative, dedicated, energetic, organized and motivated with youth and client tracking and record keeping.   Demonstrate ability to work with in and out of school youth of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds and motivated in career counseling and coaching.   Flexibility work schedule in the evening and weekends.  Bilingual preferred in one the following languages Burmese, Bhutanese, Cambodian, Mien, Chinese, and Vietnamese.  Work effectively under pressure, time management, and able to work well as a team.  Proficient in Computer skills: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, database management and internet explorer  Must have a valid California Driver License, clean DMV record and proof of current auto insurance.   

We offer:  Salary based on experience along with a comprehensive benefits package including health plan/vision, dental, paid vacations, holidays, sick leave, and employer contributed pension/group life insurance.    

To apply:  Please send your cover letter and resume to   This position is open until filled and may be closed at any time  
Lao Family Community Development, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity. 



Ongoing Opportunities

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