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Community Employment Opportunities

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Below is a listing of employment opportunities.  All employment inquiries should be directed to the organization that authored the job description.
If you would like to post a job description for an open position at your organization send a PDF copy of the job description to

Job Fairs

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Current Openings: October 2014

Chief Administrative Officer
  (Full Time)
Department: Administrative

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is a new position for LifeLong. The successful applicant will bring experience in developing and implementing systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness as part of our work to achieve the Triple Aim.   S/he will also demonstrate the ability to work with other leaders to create an agile and responsive organizational culture as we strive to meet the demands of our patients, our payors, and the changing healthcare system embodied in health reform.  
The CAO will oversee administrative departments that support patients and staff and be responsible for non-primary care clinical service areas including dental, adult day health care, and urgent care.  Key administrative departments include Human Resources and Patient Services (Eligibility and Call Center).  A critical focus of the work is improving both staff satisfaction and patient experience by improving patients’ ability to communicate with us by phone or other technology.   The CAO will also work in partnership with our CMO and Director of Health Center Operations to assure that our primary care centers, as well as other programs, have high quality support from our Patient Services department. 
The CAO will report to the Chief Executive Officer and join LifeLong’s Senior Leadership Team. This person will be a vital part of assessing our environment and implementing future oriented strategies in the areas supervised. 
We strongly prefer a candidate with a graduate degree in a related field and senior level health center management experience.   We are willing to substitute senior level experience in another health system for community Health Center experience if the applicant can demonstrate significant understanding of community health center issues and related policy issues…as well as bring experience and creative ideas to resolve some of the priority issues mentioned above. 
Salary commensurate with experience and with comparable positions in the FQHC world.  Please  submit a cover letter and resume. 
LifeLong Medical Care is a 14-site Federally Qualified Health Center in the San Francisco East Bay.  We provide a broad range of health services to patients of all ages and have a special history and emphasis on care for Elders and other complex adult populations like the homeless, people with disabilities including severe mental illness, and HIV/AIDS.  We are an innovative risk taking organization dedicated to the health of our community and our patients. Visit our website for more information,

Oakland Based Urban Gardens (OBUGS)
A school-based program of LifeLong Medical Care
OBUGS provides classes and activities to students in West and North Oakland.   Elementary and middle-school students learn about gardening, nutrition, exercise, healthy eating, science, and they have fun.
The PROGRAM COORDINATOR oversees the coordination, administration, and teaching of program activities. The Coordinator:
·         Teaches students and supervises interns and volunteers
·         Plans the delivery of the overall program and its activities in accordance with the mission and 
          the goals of OBUGS
·         Communicates with school personnel, students, families and other stakeholders to gain
          community support for the program and solicits input to improve program
·         Ensures that the program operates within the approved budget 
                The ideal candidate will have:
·                  Ability to build positive relationships and inspire learning in young people
·                  Strong leadership skills, organization, and self-motivation
·                  Demonstrated creativity and flexibility
·                  Personal means of transportation to and from all sites
·                  Spanish language fluency  
·                  Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
·                  Experience directly supervising youth 5-15 years old, preferably in an                                
                   educational environment

·                  Management experience.
·                  Experience with healthy cooking, organic gardening, health, nutrition, and earth and
                   life science.

·                Experience teaching low-income and culturally diverse children in classroom and
This is a Part-Time (20 to25 hours per week) position through June 2015
Send Cover Letter and Resume to:    
Timothy Zenor-Davis, Director of School Based Services


Ongoing Opportunities

Organization: County of Alameda - website
Job Position: Various local government positions

Organization: City of Albany - website
Job Position: Various

Organization: City of Berkeley - website
Job Position: Various local government positions

Organization: City of Emeryville - website
Job Position: Various

Organization: City of Oakland - website
Job Position: Various

Organization: Rubicon Programs, Inc. - website
Job Position: Various

Organization: Fred Finch Youth Center website
Job Position: Various

Organization: Family Violence Law Center website
Job Position: Various

Organization: Bonita House, Inc. - website
Job Position: Various

Organization: East Bay Community Recovery Project website
Job Position: Various

Organization: East Bay Municipal Utilities District website
Job Position: Various

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