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Planning and Caring for Aging Loved Ones, April 2015
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Year of the African American Male Community Dinner, March 2015
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Lunar New Year, February 2015
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Planning and Caring for Aging Loved Ones, April 2012
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Women's History Trailblazers 2012, March 2012
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Santa Rita Jail Smart Grid Dedication ceremony, March, 2012
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Paid for by the Friends of Keith Carson, FPPC ID #890744               P.O. Box 722, Oakland, CA 94604
Highlights from Berry Gordy Day
Highlights from Berry Gordy Day 2014
Ready to Learn Fun Fair
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Supervisor Carson Visits Piedmont High School, Febraury 2012
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Supervisor Carson Honors Young Men from Oakland Unified School District who received perfect scores on the STAR exam, February 2012
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Alameda County celebrates Lunar New Year in Oakland, February 2012
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Alameda County Disaster Prep Info Session, October 2011
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Halloween Party and Fundraiser, October 2011
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East Bay AIDS Walk 2011
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BEO/FBL Community Town Hall 2014
BEO Community Awards
BEO/FBL Annual Awards 2014
Year of the African American Male Launch
2015...The "Year of the African American Male" 
Women's History Trialblazer Awards 2015
Women's History Trailblazer Awards, March 2015