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Press Releases

Alameda County Proclaims People of African Descent Mental Health Awareness Week - 2/26/2014


Supervisor Keith Carson Honors Niculia "Nikki" Williams of Berkeley Youth Alternatives 2/28/2012
Supervisor Keith Carson Honors "Future History Makers" for Black History Month 2/24/2012
Supervisor Carson Honors Youth and Community Leaders for Black History Month 2/8/2012
Alameda County Celebrates Lunar New Year 2/6/2012
Residents Learn about Disaster Preparedness in Berkeley 10/24/2011
Alameda County Proclaims October LGBT History Month 10/18/2011
Supervisor Carson, Assemblymember Skinner discuss Realignment Proposal at Community Forum 6/13/2011
Redistricting and Proposals for Future Development Prompt Supervisor Carson to Host Community Forum 5/31/2011
Supervisor Keith Carson Presents Family Journeys Youth Testimonials 5/20/2011
African American Caregiving and Wellness Forum on Healthy Aging Focuses on Caregiver Challenges 5/12/2011
Alameda County Proclaims May Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 5/11/2011
Supervisor Keith Carson Tours New Community Engagement Center at Alameda County Community Food Bank 4/22/2011
Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson and Staff Celebrate Earth Day 4/18/2011
State Treasurer Bill Lockyer visits Alameda County Budget Workgroup meeting 4/18/2011
Supervisor Carson Addresses UC Berkeley Poverty Forum 4/12/2011
Supervisor Keith Carson Hosts “Family Journeys” Black History Event 2/18/2011
Residents and County Officials Express Concerns about Budget Impacts to Alameda County 1/27/2011
Op-Ed: California’s restructuring plan needs Local Government input 1/27/2011


East Bay EDA Celebrates 20th Anniversary 12/3/2010
Courage Triumphs Over Fear 11/9/2010
Ready to Learn Fun Fair 2010 11/9/2010
Lenient Sentence for Mehserle 11/5/2010
Delegation to China - October 2010 10/27/2010
Miracle Workers 10/6/2010
What Happened to the Separation of Powers? 9/13/2010
China Mayors and Provincial Leaders Visit Alameda County 9/3/2010
Where Is the Light at the End of the Tunnel? 8/3/2010
The Terminator's "Surgical Cuts" gone terribly wrong 6/17/2010
The Terminator’s Curveball to California’s County Jails 6/7/2010
Supervisor Carson visits an Oakland Tech AP Class 6/2/2010
The Terminator Attacks California’s neediest residents 6/1/2010
Officials Address the Socially Responsible Network About the Horrific Budget Proposals 5/18/2010
The African American Community Must Come Together Now 4/23/2010
State Controller John Chiang Visits Alameda County 1/28/2010
The Terminator Tour: Speaking out through Cyberspace 12/14/2009
Alameda County Employs Emergency Protocols 11/10/2009
Social Justice and Grassroots Organizations Set to Meet Oakland’s New Police Chief 11/23/2009
County Reduces Carbon Footprint 10/15/2009
Early Education Lasts a Lifetime 10/1/2009
Chinese Delegation Visits County, NUMMI Plant 12/14/2009
CHP and Alameda County Support Seniors 8/31/2009
Stimulus Dollars Prepare Youth for Employment 8/28/2009
The Worst Is Yet To Come 8/5/2009
Terminator Tour: Victims of a Cyborg 7/24/2009
It's All About Access 7/20/2009
Hasta La Vista, Baby 7/2/2009
Budget Adoption FY 2009-10 6/26/2009
Alameda County Makes Hard Choices to Present A Balanced Budget 6/15/2009
Defeat of Ballot Measures, Proposed State Cutbacks Will Devastate Alameda County Programs 5/20/2009
Alameda County Budget Forum 3/26/2009
Congresswoman Lee and Assemblyman Swanson Recognized for their Long-Time Leadership 3/2/2009
Lunar New Year Celebration 2009 2/20/2009
Unity for the Sake of Change: Presidential Inauguration Viewing 1/20/2009

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