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Professional House Inspector and Qualified Builder – Why Inspect?

Obviously, it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you invest in a property. However, few of us have the technical knowhow to spot potential problems in something as complex as a house.


The Pre-Purchase Inspection Report

You will receive a detailed and comprehensive document completed in accordance with the Australian Standard that dissects the house into all the various building components – describing the condition of each area and whether it requires attention. Our reports also contain a glossary of technical terms.

Why Use Us?
30 yrs building experience
We are not afraid to get dirty in the roof-space and under the sub-floor
We provide easy to read reports within 24 hrs
We do not sub-contract out inspections
Insured for your peace of mind
We can liaise the inspection time with the real estate
Competitive fees tailored to the size of the property
We can provide a free quote for defect repairs upon request

Common Major Defects that we find during Building and Pest Inspections:

Structural cracks
Damp problems
Leaking showers
Termite damage
Potential safety hazards such as collapsing balconies, unsafe staircases, illegal or unsafe handrails
Cracked tiles
Damaged roof
Absence of Smoke detectors
Illegal structures
Fire hazards
Defective guttering
Poor external surface drainage
Flooding and damp related issues
Broken roof frames members
Bouncy or sagging floors
Sticking doors
Rotten window frames
Leaning retaining walls
Tree root damage
Rotten or termite infested boundary fences
Water hammer
Toilet not flushing
Damaged kitchen cupboards
Our reports are backed up by 30+ years of building experience
We are locally owned and operated 100% Queensland business and are independent of any agents.

At Ease Home Inspections are registered builders with over 30 years practical experience in the construction industry. He has worked and continues to work as a builder, specialising in renovations and extensions as well as being employed as a consultant on major catastrophes such as the Brisbane floods and cyclone Yasi. He has extensive experience in the restoration of major termite damaged buildings and amassed an understanding of Queensland building techniques.

All inspections are carried out personally by At Ease Inspections on Instagram and we have two pairs of eyes reporting on both structural and cosmetic issues when you order a building and pest inspection.


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