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Emergency Service –

Best tree service in Plano also provide: 24-hour Emergency Service. Prepare in advance and have your property evaluated for trees which may be a danger to your home and property. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often on homes, cars, other structures, or other trees.  We can perform the job in a safe manner, while reducing further risk of damage to property. Weather patterns can cause many problems for homeowners and businesses throughout the year. We have the equipment and experienced crews to quickly and safely handle your storm damage tree needs. We can respond quickly following any natural disaster mobilizing manpower and equipment to the devastated area. With trucks, skid loaders, and chainsaws our crews can quickly clear away downed trees and hazardous limbs, load, and haul away debris. In most emergency instances tree debris is left at curbside and is later picked up and removed by the City/Town.


Hurricanes Wind storms Ice storms Tornadoes Lightning damage

We offer 24/7 service to our customers 365 days a year

Buck Truck and Crane Service – Occasionally it may be necessary to use a buck truck or crane to assist in the tree removal process. Our crews can expertly remove these trees when over structures, power

Lot Clearing – We can provide for your lot clearing needs. We have the equipment needed to quickly and efficiently clear large and small lots of unwanted trees and wooded areas.

Stump Grinding – Our self-propelled grinders can go anywhere to handle the largest to the smallest stumps. Stump grinding will reduce the height of a stump below ground level. Grinding gets rid of unsightly stumps and also the possibility of termite or other insect infestation. Shavings from the stump grindings will remain on site unless it is specified otherwise in the quote (for which there is an additional charge). Most of our customers use these shavings to help fill in the hole, or as mulch around other plants. Upon having a stump ground you have several options: 1) Installation of a new tree or shrub in this area or 2) Installation of topsoil and seed/sod to enhance your turf

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