Car detailing tips

Pre detail inspection to identify potential problems before the vehicle is worked on. Wet bay procedures to most effectively conserve time and energy and prep the vehicle for detailing. It’s not simply just washing the car!


Car detailing tips and ideas

Engine cleaning. Safe and effective ways to clean the engine compartment without damaging components. We show the proper steps to ensure the protection of sensitive electrical components and the fastest, safest, and most effective way to dress engines.
Efficient ways to do many things at once such as: doorjambs, trunk sill, floor mats, tires and wheels, and bug and tar removal.
Wheel cleaning with safe chemicals to ensure spotless wheels with zero damage.
Proper brush selection for effective cleaning without damaging paint and trim.
Acid rain and industrial fallout neutralization and deep cleaning of the paint surface to avoid unnecessary compounding in the detail bay.
The proper and most effective way to wash the vehicle without scratching it and wasting time.
Proper drying techniques.
How to get a car washed and prepped if water usage and runoff is an issue. We teach how a Steam machine can be used to safely and effectively wash a car with zero water runoff in an environmentally safe manner.

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