Escape Rooms Near Me?

 Are you looking for escape rooms near me? Our escape rooms are $16 per person when paid online. If you prefer to pay at the door (walk-in) the cost is $20 per person. We strive to provide a great experience. Paying online creates a better guest experience while checking in for your reservation. Walk-ins will be accommodated if possible. Book in advance online to secure the time and escape room you prefer. Any promo codes are only valid when you pay online. Promo codes are not accepted at the door.

 She woke up screaming. Blood is everywhere. What happened?

  • $16/person
  • 12 person max


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Easy right? Remember– Everything is part of the game, or is it? Be sure to select the correct number of players from the drop down when making your booking. Each player needs a ticket. If it says “FULL” that means the number of tickets you need at that time is not available. Please try another room, date, or time.  Escape Room 104 is a live-action escape room experience where teams are locked in a room full of hidden clues and puzzles and must use their wits and teamwork to escape in the one hour time limit!

Please contact us for a quote! Contact Us Waiver All participants are required to sign a waiver before playing.  You can follow the link below to view and sign our waiver.

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