Fast Removals Blackpool

7 Steps for Fast Removals Blackpool
These few steps may help you making your moving easier. If you use the following advice, you will probably avoid mistakes that would cause unnecessary trouble.

  1. Check well the moving company you are planning to book the removal with.
    If you have plants to carry along, make sure you inform your moving company well before the day as moving with plants take a lot of room in a moving truck.
    This is because when moving with plants, they cannot be stacked on top of each other. And if you are traveling by quality freight, it is important that you first contact your airlines to find out if they can arrange for moving with plants by priority freight. This is because some airlines have some rules and regulations about moving with plants, which you have to be aware of before moving with plants.

Consult the department of agriculture when moving with plants

In addition to this, you will have to contact the department of agriculture before moving with plants across state lines as many states have rules that prohibit the enter of some plants. This is to reduce the risk of pests entering the state through the plants, which may infest cash crops.

It is necessary that you take good care of your plants when moving with plants so that they become strong enough for the moving process. If you have too many plants, which may not be carried or kept in your new home, you could throw or give away some plants before moving relocating. However if you have to leave your plant, you could take some cuttings of these plants, and pack them in damp paper or moss when moving with plants.

Place these cuttings in unsealed jiffy bags, preferably with some original soil so that the clippings remain fresh till you arrive at your new destination, where you replant them in peat or vermiculite with water.

Be careful if moving with plants in summer or winter

Moving companies are usually ready with moving with plants for distances below 200 miles or within a day’s travel from the destination. However if you have to opt for moving with plants in winter or summer be careful, as temperatures below 35 and above 95 degrees Fahrenheit can be damaging to the plants.

Besides taking clippings, you have to prune your plants a few weeks before the journey to make packing easy. Ferns and succulents should not be pruned; while different plants have to be pruned differently. This is why it is better to refer a gardening book for advice on the best means of pruning when moving with plants. Sometimes it may also be necessary to re-pot your plants in non-breakable moving containers.

Wipe new pots before replanting them when moving with plants

When moving with plants, place the potted plants in a large, air-holed box, which is separated and lined by newspaper. Drain off any excess water from the plants before placing in the box and then tie cane for supporting large plants so that damage and breakage is minimized.

All this makes it easier for moving with plants, and your moving relocating process more comfortable.

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