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Some one who can read auras can help see problems that you might have but they are not the best on the phone.

Someone with Clairvoyance (The ability to see more then what is currently visible) could help you with a lot of different types of challenges. While clairvoyants often can not read the future directly they can sometimes infer or figure out what it likely to happen based on their broader knowledge.

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For someone with Psychmetry (The ability to gain knowledge by touch.) they would have to be touching you or something of yours.

E.S.P. Or extra sensory perception is kind of catch all that really refers mostly to clairvoyance. So they can often help you.

And this is just a short list.

There are also a lot of fakes out there. You can look up cold reading and learn a lot about how easy it is to fake someone out. So…

When going to a phone psychic the first thing you need to do before you pick up the phone and dial is you need to write down your current situation and the outcome you want from it.

Then you need to put this in a envelope and date it. Then talk to your psychic on the phone. Go ahead and get fully into the experience and enjoy it. Let your self believe they can help you. Go with the flow. All of these things will help legitimate psychics help you.

Your next step is to make sure you are not fooled by cold reading or a adept person or even harder to watch for, by any psychic abilities that help you like the psychic but do not help your situation (like maybe empathy).

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