Fix a leaking tap

Heating & Plumbing Services is made up of an experienced team of Gas Safety / Oftec Registered Engineers based around Sydney. We have experience and knowledge of many boilers and all types of domestic gas appliances, this includes all types of heating systems old and new from unvented hot water systems and combination boilers or someone to fix leaking toilet.

Boiler Repairs/Breakdowns:

At mcmurray plumbing we aim to keep your costs to a minimum, and fix your boiler with only one visit, if possible. Unfortunately there are certain makes and old types of boiler that we can give no guarantee on labour time or parts, we will always inform you off any issues we find. We cannot quote to repair boilers as more faults may not be found until one part has been replaced. You may be charged for collection and carriage of parts from a local merchant if we don’t hold them in stock.



Boilers Replacements:

Heating & Plumbing Services have a strict policy of only fitting Eco boilers and premium quality parts. We can also propose some of the cheapest boilers on the market if requested.

Repair of leaking pipes and fixtures

Whether you need something as simple as a new washer or gasket for your faucet, or as complex as a new toilet, hot water heater, or interior pipes, relying on a Leaking taps plumber to complete repairs of leaking pipes or fixtures ensures that the work is done right the first time as quickly as possible.

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