Home inspection – Company based in Canton

Unbiased home inspections can help your home from becoming a money pit when you purchase a new home. Home inspection – Company based in Canton do not market realtors for home inspection referrals. This prevents a conflict of interest. They are blunt about the condition of the home. They will not minimize problems to help affect a sale. This provides piece of mind and helps assure you that unexpected expenditures do not occur. Home inspection – Company based in Canton home inspection cost is reasonable.

A professional home inspection is a non-invasive examination of the current condition of the home. The home is examined for visible symptoms of problems. A written home inspection report listing what is observed is issued. The structure, plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, roof, siding, windows/doors. porches, safety issues, etc. are examined and reported in accordance with the State of Connecticut Home Inspection Standards of Practice.


An unbiased home inspection will help:

  • Protect your down payment
  • Make known money pits
  • Make known visible safety and health hazards (especially important for kids)
  • Determine if visible symptoms of problems are possible indicators of major hidden distress are present
  • Often allow a lower probate court appraisal when buying a deceased relative‚Äôs home
  • Help determine if there is possible homeowners insurance coverage for visible defects
  • Can sometimes be used for justifying casualty income tax deductions

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