Khatrimaza Review Of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a timeless novel that tackles the themes of greed, love and corruption. The latest movie production from the directorial view of Baz Luhrmann takes the original story of The Great Gatsby and transports it to a unique time and place. This Box office movie will stun and captivate audiences with its imaginative twist on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece. Some viewers may not find the changes appealing, but this modern take on a classic story is definitely worth a view. Finding good movies to watch can be a difficult task, but this film definitely deserves the praise and acclaim it is receiving. You will be blown away by the world you enter, with the help of Gatsby and his young friend Nick Carraway.


Just like the novel, narration during this film is done by Nick Carraway played by Tobey Maguire. Nick begins a relationship with Jay Gatsby after becoming his neighbor. Leonardo Dicaprio does a marvelous job of portraying Gatsby and all of his flaws. The real friendship between Dicaprio and Maguire only makes the movie more believable and the characters more genuine. There have been movie adaptions of this novel before, but none are quite like this version. New soundtracks, flashy cars and dazzling costumes jump out at you during the course of this distinct film.

The life of New York’s elite is correctly portrayed as disillusionment and greed take over. This version of The Great Gatsby definitely appeals to a much younger audience and will expose a whole new generation to this timeless classic. The themes and concepts of the novel are perfectly portrayed and illustrated with most of the dialogue derived directly from the original novel. The actors in this movie do a convincing job retaining the essence of the novel and adding layers of action and suspense to appease the viewer.

The visual masterpiece that Luhrmann has created with this movie should not be underestimated. You will be captivated and blown away by the world that you are introduced to during the duration of this film, Good movies to watch transport you and take you to a new world. This is definitely achieved by this most recent version of The Great Gatsby. If you are looking for good movies to watch online or in theater, you should check out this adaption of Fitzgerald’s original classic.

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