The Best Messaging Apps Other Than the iMessage App

Apple, one of the leading technology companies, is known for its grand ecosystem. Every item on their list is connected. Many companies have tried to follow the same path but have failed miserably in their attempt. One such app that broke all the records when it was launched is the iMessage App. The app was welcomed with huge fanfare, and people all around the world celebrated the new functionalities. The app is ahead of its times and is still a popular option among all the Apple users.

But the changing times need more and more innovation. Hundreds of apps have entered the market, which focuses one thing or another. In all this hustle and bustle, there are some of the most popular apps that are used worldwide. Here are some of them.

1. WhatsApp

When it comes to messaging, the very first thing that comes to the mind is WhatsApp. The app is a great hit among all users and has tried to make messaging as simple as possible. One can easily share features like location or a picture or a file through the app. This makes it the most loved app among all the users across the world. The app is owned by Facebook, who bought it at a staggering amount. This makes WhatsApp one of the best alternatives to iMessage.

2. Messenger

Messenger is another popular messaging app among users. The company has tried to include a range of features that make it unique in comparison to its competitor, WhatsApp. The messenger uses features like filters, stories, games, and a whole lot of things to make it a complete solution for its users. Other facilities include features like video calling and voice calling over the internet.

3. Skype

When it comes to communication over the internet, Skype has been here for years. The Microsoft acquired company is still a popular option among corporate for their professional use. Unlike WhatsApp, the platform charges an amount to make international calls. Other sources of income include advertisements on the site. The app is also famous for an array of bots available on the platform, making it one of the best alternatives of iMessage. These bots can do anything. From delivering news headline to making memes, the options are endless.

4. Telegram

Telegram is another such app that is a massive hit among all. The app is helpful with the plethora of communities that are available on the platform. These communities range from Bitcoin trading to beauty tips for women, and so on. The options are endless on the platform. Another important aspect of it is the number of users in a group. WhatsApp limits the number of users to 100 while the number of users on Telegram can go up to 5,000. This makes the app a huge hit among professionals and the best alternatives to iMessage. The app is a huge hit among people who are in search of groups relating to their profession.

5. Hangouts

Hangouts are one of the popular products of Google. The company came up with the idea long back. Skype had a considerable market share then. As the company failed to innovate, people switched to other platforms. Google Hangouts gained the most. More and more professionals are switching over to the app as the app can provide a high quality of video calls even with poor network connectivity. Another advantage of the app is the number of people it can accommodate in a single call.

The list can go on and on. These are some of the leading apps that have the maximum market share. There exists a fierce competition among companies to provide maximum benefits to its user group. The app with the maximum number of users holds a better position than others.

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