Miniature and Craft Sized Glue Guns

With its powerful ten – 20 watt performance, non-drop nozzle, feed action trigger and convenient standing, a simple mini gun offers a compact tool for a large variety of artisanal and hobby activities, as well as simple house repairs.

This glue applicator has an electric cord up to 8 feet in length for much easier mobility, to ensure that the individual responsible for completion of a repair or even a craft project has ample room and versatility to operate in the work area.

While miniature, a craft glue gun still has a variety of tasks to perform by a regular glue applicator and is an excellent tool for working on sensitive materials like ribbon, polystyrene foam, ballasts and foil.

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Mini glue sticks are made to deliver a rapid heat and melt and to deliver a good durable hold when the time is sufficient to set, often with a diameter of 5/16 inches and cost-effective for picking.

While thin, if used by some in a hobby or maybe a school project, a low-temperature or hot-melt applicator (operating at a lower and safer temperature) glue should be controlled under supervision of an Adult, because the glue still heats up enough to burn off with either method.

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If it comes to adhesive cloth, plastic, wood or metal, a medium, double or high-temperature arms provides an easy and rapid solution for a strong solid rock with a wide range of enjoyable, serious adhesive tasks.

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