Reasons Why People Play Online Games

Do you believe that there are so many reasons as to why people love to play online games? Do you know that the reasons are so many? The research conducted by psychologists suggests that there is a theoretical model in the field of psychology with the following concepts to explain why humans keep on playing online games. One is that human beings have an inherent need to interact with others. The need for social contact is more crucial during times when the human mind is wandering and the only way it can get back to its correct state is by interacting with others.

Another theory explained by the researchers also states that some of the human activities like learning, problem solving, planning, thinking and even memory are directly related to the enjoyment derived from playing games. In fact, the analysis shows that players often spend a lot of time engaging in brain games such as chess, Sudoku, Backgammon and much more. It is interesting to note that these activities are associated with non-social games like solving of mathematical problems. Many of these activities are related to solving mathematical problems which help in improving one’s reasoning skills. Thus, it is evident that online free games online, particularly those which require free thinking are very helpful in improving reasoning skills.

Psychologists also believe that human beings often play online games because of the fact that they want to escape real life situations. In fact, there is a term coined by the researchers called “enissance play” which basically refers to escape from reality. In addition, there are many games like puzzles and card games that help in increasing the cognitive abilities of a person. The main reason as to why players often escape real life situations is their need to solve the enigma, solve enigmas, to know the answer to questions and so many other things. Thus, it is evident that there are indeed many reasons why people love to play games on the Internet. Look at this!

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